Drug and alcohol rehab near Royston

Rehab in Royston

Why are Rehabilitation Facilities Needed near Royston, Hertfordshire?

According to the Office for National Statistics, 51 Drug-related deaths were recorded in 2020 in Hertfordshire. The number was 63 the previous year. It includes deaths due to drug poisoning, suicides, and health complications due to drug usage.

This is a huge number, and something has to be done to curb drug use. If you are looking for a rehabilitation clinic near Royston, Hertfordshire, for you or your loved one, you are on the right path. Accepting the issue and taking steps to recover is the toughest decision.

Substance abuse can be overwhelming for the victim and their loved ones. Seeking professional help is the best way to move forward. A private, residential rehabilitation facility with a safe and trustworthy environment is an ideal choice.

A residential facility, away from the victim’s usual location, would be an ideal choice. This would keep the victim away from the pressures and their painful atmosphere. UK Addiction Treatment Center is the UK’s leading alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility that provides a confidential atmosphere for the victims and their families.

Why Choose the Linwood House for Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation near Royston, Hertfordshire?

UKAT runs many rehabilitation facilities throughout the UK, from low-cost clinics to luxurious facilities. Check them out to learn more about them: Banbury Lodge, Liberty House, Oasis Runcorn, Recovery Lighthouse, Oasis Bradford, Primrose Lodge, and Sanctuary Lodge.

The Linwood House is the best rehabilitation facility for people in Royston, Hertfordshire. We offer in-patient treatment and rehabilitation for people with substance dependence. Our professional team of doctors, specialist nurses, and support workers aid in smoother recovery.

We have proven experience in helping people overcome their dependencies since 2006. Here is a list of our unique features distinguishing us from our counterparts.

  • Open 24 hours, 365 days
  • Experienced team of doctors, nurses, and support staff
  • Comfortable ensuite bedrooms
  • Relaxing indoor and outdoor space
  • Free 1-year aftercare

Get a 3D virtual tour of our facility before you make a decision.

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Treatment Options at the Linwood House Rehabilitation Clinic near Royston

At Linwood House, we offer detoxification and rehabilitation within the same facility. After the initial inquiry, our doctors and therapists prescribe a bespoke treatment and rehabilitation plan. We treat all types of addictions.

After detoxification, our therapists will follow steps to ensure the victims remain sober. They use proven techniques for rehabilitation.

  • 12-step therapy process
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  • One-to-one therapy sessions
  • Group counselling

We also offer 12 months of free aftercare, which is the most challenging duration. You can join monthly group sessions where people who have completely recovered from addiction will help you. We also offer family support.

Reviews of the Linwood House Rehabilitation Clinic near Royston, Hertfordshire

The Linwood House rehabilitation facility has helped many people from all walks of life with varying levels of addiction. Here are the reviews shared by past patients:

“My time here has really helped me and Sherrie has been great.” – Marko

“Linwood has literally saved my life. The support I’ve been given was outstanding, I’ve left Linwood feeling positive and can now see a future. The support staff and Therapists are great, they are there to help whenever you need. There are no words to describe how amazing Sherrie is. Sherrie is a fabulous therapist and without her I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Thank you.” – LD

“My therapist Gaynor has been absolutely great, outstanding, and has helped me out hell of a lot, through all my problems and my therapy sessions have been brilliant, the techniques helped. She’s the best. My therapist is a diamond everything I have asked for help she’s been there and gone the extra mile and her help is sending me onto my new life journey. The place was frightening at first but I was welcomed.” – Mm

Free Addiction Treatment Services/Support Groups Available in Royston, Hertfordshire

There are numerous free support groups available in Royston that can benefit people who cannot afford private residential rehabilitation services. Here is a list of free services available in Royston:

Alcoholics Anonymous


Royston Methodist Church, Queens Rd SG8 7AU
Timing: Wednesday 7.30 pm


Methodist Church, Queens Rd Rd SG8 7AU
Timing: Sunday 7 pm

Buntingford Daily Reflections

United Reforms Church, Baldock Rd,
(Blue door to the right of the main door), SG9 9AA
Timing: Tuesday 12 noon

Narcotics Anonymous

The United Reformed Church

4 Downing Place, Cambridge CB2 3EL
Timing: Friday 7.30 pm

Edge Cafe

351 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3DF
Timing: Sunday 4 pm

Saint Peter’s Church

The Willows
Stevenage, SG2 8AN
Monday 7:30 pm
Children Welcome

Cocaine Anonymous

New Beginnings

Coombes Community Centre
Burns Rd, Royston SG8 5PT
Timing: Tuesday 7.30 pm

Cocaine Anonymous

Coombes Community Centre
Burns Rd, Royston SG8 5PT
Timing: Friday 7.30 pm

Travelling to the Linwood House Rehabilitation Clinic from Royston, Hertfordshire

Royston is a town on the northern slopes of the Hertfordshire Chalk Downs in Hertfordshire County in England. The Royston Cave, the cave shop, and the Parish Church of St. John the Baptist are some beautiful places in Royston.

Travelling from Royston to the Linwood House Rehabilitation Clinic is easy via road and rail.

By Road

The fastest route is via A1, where you must travel 138 miles, which takes approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes. Alternatively, you can travel via A1 and M1.

By Rail

The fastest train from Royston to the rehabilitation clinic takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to reach the destination. It departs from Royston at 1.08 pm and reaches Wakefield Road at 4.24 pm. You just have to walk 0.2 miles to reach the facility.

Find a Rehabilitation centre near Royston, Hertfordshire

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