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Rehab in Chadderton

What Do Statistics Tell about Drug and Alcohol Addiction in and around Chadderton?

A mother of two from Oldham (1.5 miles or five minutes from Chadderton) died from drug addiction and several mental health issues in August 2022. As per the report, initially, she did drugs for recreation. However, later on, it grew into an addiction. This case highlights the fact that drugs are not for amusement, and people must stay away from addictions.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 32 adults died from drug poisoning in Oldham in 2021. The statistics included cases related to drug dependence and abuse, suicides, accidents involving non-controlled and controlled drugs, and over-the-counter and prescription medication. As far as alcohol addiction is concerned, Public Health England (PHE) revealed 48 alcohol-specific deaths in Oldham in 2021.

Addiction affects not one but many lives and even communities. Therefore, seeking treatment is paramount. If your loved one is battling alcohol or drug abuse, and you are looking for a way out, you can find many rehab facilities near Chadderton, Greater Manchester.

Why is Linwood House the Best Rehab Clinic near Chadderton, Greater Manchester?

UKAT delivers abstinence-centric inpatient programmes through our nationwide rehab clinics, including Liberty House, Recovery Lighthouse, Sanctuary Lodge, Linwood House, Primrose Lodge, Oasis Bradford, Banbury Lodge, and Oasis Runcorn. One may choose a rehab clinic according to their location and other preferences.

Do you live in Chadderton but are looking for a rehab clinic for your loved one at a distance from your home? You have found your match. Barnsley-based Linwood House rehab clinic near Chadderton is close to greenery and serenity because we believe in the healing powers of Mother Nature.

UKAT rehab clinics near Chadderton offer evidence-based and specialised detox and rehab plans to target addiction. Our team at Linwood House near Chadderton strives continuously to get people using substances on the road to complete recovery. We go above and beyond to offer the right help and support to people dealing with the overwhelming outcomes of addiction.

Our bespoke treatment plans are made to take our clients back to a meaningful and sober life. Take a look at the following features offered by Linwood House near Chadderton:

  • 36 bedrooms with ensuite bathroom
  • Single-occupancy rooms
  • Spacious outdoors and lounges
  • Large entertainment rooms
  • Chef-prepared wholesome and delicious meals
  • Different therapy rooms

Virtual View of Linwood House

We recommend you take a virtual tour of Linwood House near Chadderton through this 360-degree video.

Pictures of Linwood House

Sceptical about how Linwood House’s facility will be. Don’t worry. Here are some pictures for your reference:

Linwood House picture 1

Linwood House picture 2

Linwood House picture 3

Treatments Offered at Rehab Clinic near Chadderton, Greater Manchester

At Linwood House near Chadderton, the overall well-being of our clients is our top concern. Therefore, we design all our addiction treatment plans holistically. We treat different types of addictions, including alcohol, non-controlled and controlled drugs and over-the-counter and prescription medications.

Our principal treatment programmes include the following:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • 12-step therapy
  • Medical detox
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Linwood House near Chadderton: Client Reviews

At Linwood House near Chadderton, we use a combination of different programmes and therapies to help our clients achieve their recovery goals. Our main aim is to make our client’s life addiction-free. Here are some valuable opinions of our clients:

“Excellent facility, cleaners,kitchen staff,support workers,nurses,therapist extremely professional and helpful. i thoroughly enjoyed my at linwood house. i was very fortunate enough to have maggie as my therapist as she is very understanding at knowledgeable. a very nice and friendly lady.” – John Paul

“GAYNOr has been brilliant and seemed to understand my needs from day one. I have learned a lot here and am confident about my recovery.” – Db

“I never thought I would ever be sad to leave rehab, but I truly am! It has been an eye-opening experience and I truly couldn’t have got to this stage without coming here 1st. All of the staff are lovely and helpful. Highly recommended.” – SG

Local Support Groups in and around Chadderton, Greater Manchester

If you wish to enrol your family member or friend in free addiction treatment programmes in Chadderton, take a look at the following list to help them regain their life balance:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Chadderton

Oldham Apfel Lane

Apfel Lane Community Centre, Apfel Ln,
Chadderton OL9 9TA
Time: Friday, 19.30

Oldham Apfel Lane

Apfel Lane Community Centre, Apfel Ln,
Chadderton OL9 9TA
Time: Sunday, 12.00

Oldham Royton

The Welcome Centre,
St Aidan’s & St Oswald’s Church,
Vaughan St, Royton OL2 5DL
Time: Thursday, 19:30

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Chadderton


The Mustard Tree, 110 Oldham Road,
Ancoats, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 6AG
Time: Saturday, 14:00

St Patrick’s

St Patrick’s Church Presbytery,
40 Union Street West,
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL8 1DL
Time: Friday, 19:30

Central Hall Meeting

1st Floor, Central Hall, Oldham Street,
Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 1JQ
Time: Friday, 14:30

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Chadderton

Oldham Hope, Faith and Courage

Impact Community Church
257 Manchester Rd
Oldham OL8 4RH
Time: Wednesday, 19:30

Back to basics Oldham

Impact Community Church
257 Manchester Rd
Oldham OL8 4RH
Time: Thursday, 20:00

Sunday Night Discussion

Christ Church
Darley Ave
Manchester M20 2ZD
Time: Sunday, 18:30

Travelling to Linwood House from Chadderton, Greater Manchester

Nestled in the foothills of the Pennines, Chadderton is a quiet town on the bank of the Irk River and Rochdale Canal. With farmlands, parks, shopping areas, commercial spaces and a rich historical and cultural side, Chadderton oozes diversity in every inch. While undergoing rehabilitation in this town, your loved one will get mesmerised by its beauty – an added advantage to their recovery. Plus, the town offers impeccable connectivity to the rest of the country. Do you want to visit Linwood House from Chadderton? Here are some routes:

By road

Three motorways connect Chadderton and Linwood House, Barnsley – M62, A635, and A628. The fastest route is via M62. It covers nearly 39.1 miles in less than an hour. A 635 takes 54 minutes to travel 31.4 miles, and A628 covers approximately 40 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes.

By train

The nearest railway station to Chadderton is Mills Hill (Manchester). The journey from Chadderton to Linwood House, Barnsley, takes around 2 hours and 22 minutes. It covers a distance of nearly 28 miles, and eight trains run between the two stations per day. One can get the first train and the last train at 06:01 and 20:52, respectively.

Finding a Rehab Clinic near Chadderton, Greater Manchester

You are here, so it probably means someone close to your heart needs help with addiction. Do not hesitate and get in touch with us. Give us a call and get help now!