Holistic therapy

Addiction recovery is a complex and multifaceted condition. More often than not, people are driven towards addiction by a variety of factors, some clear and some hidden. For this reason, holistic therapy uses a whole-person approach to treat a disorder rather than just a symptom of it. At Linwood House, we use different approaches and workshops to enhance mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being to improve the overall quality of life.

Holistic therapy - sound therapy

What is the holistic approach to recovery?

Holistic therapy for addiction involves a range of approaches designed to promote wellness and reduce the stresses and anxieties that can lead to addictive behaviours. These approaches differ from traditional talk therapies, incorporating a broader range of techniques to help heal the whole person.

Holistic therapies can help reduce cravings and promote wellness through techniques employed in your daily life. They do this in conjunction with traditional addiction treatments such as one-to-one and group therapy so that your treatment is comprehensive and balanced.

This approach can be utilised for all kinds of substance use disorders, and we utilise holistic therapies in all our rehab programmes.

Some of the main objectives are:

  • Identify the thoughts that drive addictive behaviours
  • Strengthen coping mechanisms
  • Reduce the appeal of substance use
  • Promote physical fitness
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Cope with withdrawal symptoms

Some holistic therapy sessions focus on psychological exercises, some on physical activities or a combination. However, each session aims to explore overall healing in some area of themselves.

Why is holistic therapy a good approach to treat addiction?

Using a holistic approach when treating addiction has been a growing trend to achieve longer-lasting positive results. Holistic addiction therapy allows the entire person to be addressed and not just a particular aspect of the disorder they are presenting. For this reason, many believe this whole-person approach to treatment allows people in recovery to heal more aspects of themselves that have contributed to their substance taking.

What are some examples of holistic treatments?

At Linwood House, we use many kinds of holistic therapy in addiction recovery, some of which include:


Gentle exercise such as movement therapy can help build a routine, relieve stress, boost self-confidence and overall strengthen the body. This is especially important for people recovering from addiction, as people’s physical and mental health is usually healing from substance abuse. We make sure to include opportunities for physical exercise in our treatment programmes to help our clients recover physically as well as mentally.


Being mindful can look different from person to person, though it aims to promote a sense of peace, enhance well-being and allow inner clarity to be gained.

Holistic therapy - meditation therapy

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy, such as a gong bath, utilises aspects of music to improve the overall well-being of the recipient due to its ability to impact emotion and brain activity. People have used this technique for centuries, though the science behind it remains relatively limited.


Yoga can be a highly effective part of addiction rehab and is frequently used in addiction rehab. Not only does yoga promote self-reflection and focus, but it also helps maintain physical fitness. Through yoga, people can start to build positive daily routines and enhance their overall approach to self-improvement, which are important aspects of addiction recovery.

Start your recovery with Linwood House

Linwood House is a treatment centre in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, specialising in addiction recovery. Our rehabilitation facility was founded by and still operated by people in long-term recovery themselves, allowing an understanding approach to treatment to be built.

We understand the difficulty of facing addiction, and offer a range of holistic therapies within our recovery programme to help you through the process with others. Please contact us today to learn more about our holistic treatment plans to start your journey to recovery.

Frequently asked questions

Will I have to take part in activities that I am uncomfortable with?
While it will take time for you to ease into therapy, it’s important to take yourself out of your comfort zone during rehab so you can make the most of the process. Holistic therapies are there to help you work through anxiety and we will be supporting you as a group so you can feel safe within every session at our clinic.
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