Drug and alcohol rehab near Pudsey

Rehab in Pudsey

Statistics on drug and alcohol abuse near Pudsey

According to sources, Pudsey is dealing with serious issues related to violence, drugs and county line (organised illicit drug-dealing webs) crimes – a report published in the Telegraph on July 22 reads.

In Yorkshire, drug-specific deaths have increased by 116% over ten years. According to reports, three people succumbed to drug use every two days in 2019. Around 527 drug or alcohol poisoning deaths were reported in 2019. In 2019, the numbers were 244.

In Leeds, alcohol took the lives of more than 100 people in 2020, the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With such spiking numbers in place, rehabilitation is the best way to cope with and treat addiction.

At UKAT rehab centres near Pudsey, Leeds, we offer the highest level of professional care under expert supervision from the industry’s best addiction support team and therapists. Besides the best physical and medical care, we provide emotional support to help our clients recover from addiction.

We believe that the one-size-fits-all strategy does not make sense when dealing with addiction. Therefore, we design professional treatment plans based on the specific needs of each client.

Why is Linwood House the best rehab clinic near Pudsey?

With several reputable rehab clinics across the United Kingdom, UKAT strives to serve humanity and make the country addiction-free. Some of the leading rehab facilities under it include Recovery Lighthouse, Liberty House, Oasis Bradford, Sanctuary Lodge, Linwood House, Banbury Lodge, Oasis Runcorn, and Primrose Lodge.

Do you live in Pudsey but looking for a rehab nearby so your loved one can stay out of routine and distractions for some time?

Linwood House is located in a serene and beautiful neighbourhood of Barnsley, South Yorkshire, just 26 miles or 40 minutes from Pudsey. The area is laced with greenery and presents an ideal environment for healing.
At Linwood House, we believe lifelong recovery is attainable, regardless of the addiction history of a person. Our experienced team provides the most effective treatment and care while understanding and treating the root causes of your addiction.

Here are the highlighting features of Linwood House near Pudsey:

  • 36-bed inpatient services
  • Private rooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Fast admission
  • Bespoke treatment plans
  • Wholesome meals made by expert chefs
  • 24/7 support

3D View of Linwood House

This video will take you through the rooms, decor, cleanliness standards and ambience of Linwood House near Pudsey.

Pictures of Linwood House

The pictures are self-explanatory and provide a deep understanding of how Linwood House looks from the inside. As pictures say more than words, you may use them to convince your loved one to join a rehab clinic near Pudsey:

Linwood House picture 1

Linwood House picture 2

Linwood House picture 3

Treatment programmes at Linwood House near Pudsey

At Linwood House near Pudsey, we know that different people fall prey to different types of addictions. Therefore, we offer personalised care to attend to your dear one’s physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual needs to bring long-term recovery.

We treat different types of addictions, including drugs and alcohol. Our treatment approaches include the following:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • 12-step programming
  • Medically assisted detoxification
  • Holistic therapies

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Linwood House near Pudsey: Valuable client reviews

Since we opened our doors to the public, we have been delivering high standards of accommodation, treatments and care at Linwood House. We love to hear from our clients and try to become better each day to ensure an addiction-free nation. Let’s check out some client reviews about our rehab clinic near Pudsey

“lovely place sherrie was a great thearapist ,ad a lovely person” – Peter Lomas

“i have really enjoyed my time at linwood house the staff and therapists are very helpful. i feel i have got my life back in the short time i have been here.” – Tony

“I was helped by most peers and staff here well looked after.” – C

Local addiction support groups in and around Pudsey

If you are looking for free support groups in Pudsey, Leeds, here are some options for you:

Alcoholics Anonymous in and around Pudsey

Pudsey Big Book Study

Cafe Lux, Robin Lane,
Pudsey LS28 7BN
Time: Sunday, 09:00

Bradford/Leeds Women’s

St Johns Church Hall,
New Street, Farsley LS28 5DJ
Time: Wednesday, 20:00

Leeds Farsley

St Johns Church Village Hall,
New St, Farsley LS28 5DJ
Time: Saturday, 19:30

Narcotics Anonymous near Pudsey

Saturday NA Meeting

Saint Augustine’s Wrangthorn,
Hyde Park Terrace, Leeds,
West Yorkshire, LS6 1BJ
Time: Saturday

Carrying The Message

Upstairs Room, Saint Augustine’s Wrangthorn,
Hyde Park Terrace, Leeds,
West Yorkshire, LS6 1BJ
Time: Saturday, 11:00

Seacroft Child Welcome Meeting

Olive Branch Community Cafe,
St Richards Church, Kentmere Avenue,
Seacroft, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS14 1BX
Time: Saturday, 11:30

Cocaine Anonymous near Pudsey

Leeds Cocaine And All Other Drugs

Cottingley Community Centre
115 Cottingley Approach
Leeds LS11 0HJ
Time: Monday, 19:30

We can recover

Little London Community Centre
Oatland Ln
Carlton Gardens
Leeds LS7 1HF
Time: Wednesday, 19:15

Cocaine Anonymous

Parish Centre, St Mary’s Church
Church Ln
Leeds LS25 1NR
Time: Friday, 20:30

Travelling to Linwood House from Pudsey

Located between Leeds and Bradford city centre, Pudsey is a buzzing market town in West Yorkshire. Known as a family-friendly suburban area, it shares good connectivity with local amenities, places and attractions. When receiving rehabilitation at a rehab clinic near Pudsey, your loved one can immerse themselves in its natural beauty while enjoying city life too. Some easy routes to travel to Linwood House from Pudsey:

By train

New Pudsey is the nearest station from Pudsey, around 2 miles. It takes nearly 1 hour and 28 minutes to travel from Pudsey to Linwood House, Barnsley, by train. The average frequency of the trains is 47 trains/day. The first train arrives at 05:39, while you may catch the last one at 00:02.

By road

The best route between Pudsey and Linwood House, Barnsley, is via the M1 motorway. It covers around 26.4 miles in 40 minutes. Alternatively, you may also take the M621 & M1 and M62 & M1 routes. Both take around 42 minutes to cover approximately 26 miles.

Finding a rehab centre near Pudsey

We understand that when you have someone struggling with substance addiction in your family, feeling lost is obvious. Don’t be afraid or ashamed. Motivate your loved one to make the first move towards recovery. Connect with us to Get Help Now!