Drug and alcohol rehab near Beeston

Rehab in Beeston

Prevalence of Drug and Alcohol in Beeston through Statistics

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported 100 drug poisoning deaths in Nottinghamshire (including Beeston) in 2021, with 39 cases attributed to drug misuse. In 2020, 72 died from drug-related issues.

In the entire East Midlands, Nottingham (3.4 miles from Beeston) the highest number of alcohol-specific hospital admissions and deaths were recorded. Recent data by Public Health England (PHE) revealed that in 2020/21, 120 people died while 2,075 were hospitalised due to alcohol-related causes.

With drug and alcohol-related issues on the rise, seeking treatment in a rehabilitation clinic near Beeston is crucial to address the life-threatening consequences of addiction. Families dealing with addiction know its debilitating impact, but reliable rehabilitation options are available in Beeston, Broxtowe.

At UK Addiction Treatment Centers (UKAT), our rehabilitation facilities provide holistic, intensive, and individualized treatment approaches for substance addiction recovery. Our drug and alcohol addiction plans are carefully structured based on years of practical experience, aimed at helping our clients achieve recovery.
Regenerate response.

Why is Linwood House the most preferred Addiction Treatment clinic near Beeston?

UKAT rehabilitation clinics provide comprehensive treatment plans for different forms of addictions. The leading clinics include – Primrose Lodge, Linwood House, Sanctuary Lodge, Liberty House, Oasis Bradford, Oasis Runcorn, Recovery Lighthouse, and Banbury Lodge.

Consider Linwood House, a rehabilitation clinic near Beeston, just 57 miles away in the idyllic market town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Offering an ideal setting for addiction treatments, it’s accessible via M1 in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Linwood House is a safe and secure rehabilitation clinic near Beeston. We present a substance-free ambience where your precious ones can access support and help 24/7.

The eminent team at Linwood House near Beeston knows that substance addiction is no less than a battle for your family. They have the best support system and technologies to protect your loved one and help them recover comfortably.

We provide a range of facilities to make our clients feel comfortable while facilitating long-term recovery. Let’s check them out:

  • 36 single-occupancy rooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Accommodations to meet everyone’s needs and budgets
  • Maximum privacy
  • Wholesome meals
  • Spacious lounges
  • Insurance coverage

3D View of Linwood House

Watch this video for insight into our clean and organized facility for your loved one’s stay

Pictures of Linwood House

Here are some photographs of Linwood House near Beeston.

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What Conditions do we Treat at Linwood House near Beeston?

Linwood House offers solace, peace of mind, and, of course, seamless treatments and therapies for drug and alcohol addiction. Most importantly, we ensure your loved ones get to stay away from the triggers and situations that tempt them to use a substance(s).

Here is a list of treatments we deliver at Linwood House near Beeston:

  • 12-step therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Group and individual therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Aftercare programmes

Linwood House near Beeston: How Happy are Our Clients?

Our clients are always our focus. We ensure they are comfortable, happy, and healthy throughout their stay and beyond. Let’s find out how satisfied our clients are with our services:

“I have been treated well by everyone, sherrie helped me with anything I’ve asked for. I enjoyed the groups.” SF

“lovely place sherrie was a great therapist ,and a lovely person.” – Peter Lomas

“Had a positive experience and gained a lot of further knowledge and help for my future recovery.” – Vc

Local Addiction Support Groups in Beeston

If you want to opt for free support groups for your friend’s or family’s addiction treatments, here are some options near Beeston, Nottinghamshire:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Beeston

Beeston Keep It Simple

Middle Street Resource Centre,
74 Middle St,
Beeston NG9 2AR
Time: Monday, 19:30

Nottingham Chilwell

Middle Street Resource Centre,
74 Middle St,
Beeston NG9 2AA
Time: Thursday, 19:30

Beeston Lenton Abbey Dr Bob

Sheila Roper Community Centre,
Tennants Hall Close,
Lenton Abbey NG9 2RW
Time: Friday, 19:30

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Beeston

Nottingham Saturday Meeting

McGuinness Room,
St Barnabas Cathedral Nottingham,
North Circus Street, Nottingham,
Nottinghamshire, NG1 5AE
Time: Saturday, 16:30

Nottingham 7:30 pm Group

St Barnabas Cathedral Nottingham,
North Circus Street, Nottingham,
Nottinghamshire, NG1 5AE
Time: Thursday, 19:30

Mid Week Get Down

St. Andrews, Goldsmith Street,
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 5JT
Time: Wednesday, 19:30

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Beeston

There is a Solution

West Bridgford Methodist Church
Musters Rd
West Bridgford
Nottingham NG2 7PQ
Time: Sunday, 18:30

Cocaine Anonymous Topic Monday

St. John’s Methodist Church
44 Brook St
Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 1ES
Time: Monday, 19:30

Bring Your Book – Big Book Study

St John’s Carrington
Mansfield Rd
Nottingham NG5 2DP
Time: Tuesday, 19:30

Travelling to Linwood House from Beeston

Beeston is a vibrant town near the University of Nottingham, known for its academic community and charming atmosphere. With diverse local amenities and easy transportation options, it’s an ideal place for a loved one’s rehabilitation journey at Linwood House. Visit your family members easily while they receive care in this beautiful city.

By road

The average time to travel between Beeston and Linwood House via M1 is around 1 hour and 10 minutes. This route covers nearly 57.3 miles. You may also choose other ways via the M1 & B6089 and M1 & A635. The former takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to travel 55.5 miles, while the latter takes 1 hour and 22 minutes and covers 63.8 miles.

By train

You can choose from 20 trains running per day between Beeston and Linwood House, Barnsley. The average time to travel between the two stations (45 miles) is around 2 hours and eleven minutes. The arrival timings of the first and the last train are 04:49 and 01:13, respectively.

Finding a Rehabilitation clinic near Beeston

Always remember! When someone is dealing with addiction, the sooner they go into rehabilitation, the better. Call us and Get Help Now!