WE ARE OPENING: We are pleased to say that we are re-opening on the 6th of July.

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8 Signs of alcoholic drinking behaviour

Alcoholic Behaviour Signs

What to look out for in your behaviour towards alcohol that may indicate you have an alcohol problem

Drinking whilst alone

  • Has the need to drink moved from social occasions with others to regularly drinking alone?

Drinking in the morning

  • Do you need a drink to function in the morning?
  • Do you make sure you have access to alcohol in the morning?

Drinking to excess

  • Do you drink to the point of passing out?
  • Do you drink without thinking of the consequences?
  • Do you take risks in order to get your next alcohol fix?


  • Are you lying about drinking, or the amount you are drinking?
  • Are you hiding alcohol around the home?
  • Are you hiding evidence of your drinking from others?

Missing important events

  • Have you missed important events because they do not allow you to drink?
  • Have you been late or missed appointments or events due to alcohol or hangovers?


  • Do you use alcohol to help you deal with your physical, emotional or mental problems?
  • Do you need alcohol to sleep or relax?


  • Do you have alcohol cravings that affect your mood or concentration levels?
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop or cut down?


  • Is your drinking having a negative effect on life at home, work and social relationships?
  • Has your family asked you to reduce or stop drinking?


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Services we offer

Alcohol Detox

Pharmalogical detox under medical supervision in a residential environment.


Alcohol Rehab

A range of therapies giving you the tools to stay sober, clean and live a full life


Drug Detox

Pharmalogical detox under medical supervision in a residential environment.


Drug Rehab

A range of therapies giving you the tools to stay drug free, clean and live a full life


Treatments we offer

Cannabis Addiction

We're here to treat cannabis addiction.


Cocaine Addiction

We deal with all levels of cocaine addiction.


Heroin Addiction

We offer compassionate heroin addiction treatment.


Linwood House

We are in Barnsley, with good road access to the M1 and UK motorways. If you live within 50 miles we can arrange a taxi service to collect you free of charge.


We are pleased to announce that we are re-opening Linwood House on Monday 6th July but, in the interests of safety, this will be a limited service.

For the safety of our residents and staff, we have made changes to the way that some of our services operate in order for us to be classed as a “COVID-19 Secure” facility.

We are open to provide residential rehabilitation services for drugs and alcohol and we are now pleased to offer support with gambling addiction (we have been busy).

Please drop us a line using the message facility or call us directly.

Thank you for your continued patience during this time of uncertainty.

We will continue to post updates as things develop so please do keep checking our website, Facebook and Twitter pages for updates, advice and support.

The safety and wellbeing of our residents (past, present and future) is our highest priority and we shall continue supporting people as much as we possibly can during this difficult time.

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