Addiction detox & rehab services

Alcohol detox

There is a great fear about alcohol detoxing as alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant, distressing and, in some cases life-threatening. The abundance of alcohol in every-day life can make it very difficult to come off alcohol whilst in the community and the effects of withdrawal can make the pressure to have a drink too much.

Alcohol rehab

Are you or a loved one suffering from an alcohol addiction? We understand that addiction not only affects the life of the user but also impacts friends, family and those involved.

Drug detox

Linwood House provide medical detox for addiction to all types of drugs. Detoxing from a physically addictive drug can be frightening and overwhelming. Perhaps you have tried to do it on your own before and failed, fear the effects of withdrawal or just never had the support around you to make the choice.

At Linwood House we use a medical detoxification approach in a safe, residential environment and aim to make the process as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Drug rehab

Are you or a loved one suffering from a drug addiction? We understand that battling an addiction to drugs can be life-threatening and distressing for everyone involved.