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Residential Drug and Alcohol Detox and Rehabilitation Centre

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For Families

Families often in the best position to identify addiction in loved ones but sometimes addicts are able to carry on with addiction under the noses of family and loved ones, hiding their behaviour with lies and deceit which only makes it even more painful when it comes to light.

If you are reading this, we can assume that you have worries about a loved one and that they need help to overcome their addiction.

What is important is that you do not try and take matters into your own hands and try and get them off the drugs or alcohol. Detoxification is something that needs to be done in a medically supervised manner as the symptoms of withdrawal (especially alcohol withdrawal) can be serious and even life-threatening.

Help is available

If you are worried about a loved one, you can contact us to discuss the options. We have many family members contact us and it is important to understand that however isolated you feel, you are not alone and that there is help available.

Signs of potential addiction

  • Frequent and unexplained mood swings
  • A change in appearance – sudden weight loss or gain
  • A loss of interest in personal appearance
  • Disappearing for extended, and unexplained, periods of time
  • Disappearance of items or money from the home
  • A change in friends or social circles
  • Secretive behaviour

Finding a long-term solution

It is important to remember that there is more to stopping addictive behaviour than just will power or making the decision to stop. If the addiction is severe, going through withdrawal could represent a medical danger that is even life-threatening. Attempting to force your loved one to detox without medical supervision could be very dangerous.

Even when the person has been through detox, this will in most cases not have ‘cured’ their addiction. Detox is the necessary first step to break the physical addiction, it won’t address the psychological and emotional issues behind the addiction. Comprehensive rehabilitation with therapy is required to help the person address their issues, understand the triggers and give the tools to not turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism when the go back into the stresses of their everyday life.

Residential detox and rehabilitation at Linwood House

For some people the best solution to tackling their addiction is through residential care. This allows them the space and 24 hour medical support they need to detox and start on their road to recovery through rehabilitation.

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Detox is only the first stage, however and we also provide residential rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can be an immediate follow on from detox, or if you do not need detox, you can just enter our rehabilitation programme

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Once you leave Linwood House, we offer an aftercare service to continue supporting you on your road to recovery

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Read our FAQ page for more information on Linwood House and the services we provide

Linwood House has provided this support since 2006, if you would like to talk to us about how we could help you, call us on 03301 736 751

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Services we offer

Alcohol Detox

Pharmalogical detox under medical supervision in a residential environment.


Alcohol Rehab

A range of therapies giving you the tools to stay sober, clean and live a full life


Drug Detox

Pharmalogical detox under medical supervision in a residential environment.


Drug Rehab

A range of therapies giving you the tools to stay drug free, clean and live a full life


Treatments we offer

Cannabis Addiction

We're here to treat cannabis addiction.


Cocaine Addiction

We deal with all levels of cocaine addiction.


Heroin Addiction

We offer compassionate heroin addiction treatment.


Linwood House

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