Drug and alcohol rehab near Rotherham

Rehab in Rotherham

Drug and alcohol abuse stats in Rotherham

Do you know the Prosperity Score of Rotherham? It is 47.6 (364th out of 379), according to the Legatum Institute Foundation. It means the performance of the town is poor on many fronts, including the prevalence of drug and alcohol addiction.

Rotherham Data Hub’s 2021 health needs assessment revealed a concerning trend of increasing substance misuse among youth but decreasing referrals to addiction treatment. Approximately 1,946 individuals were estimated to be using opiates and crack cocaine in Rotherham in 2016/17, with nearly 35% not receiving any treatment. In 2020/21, only 22% of people completed non-opiate drug treatment, significantly lower than the national average of 66%.

If we look at the substance addiction numbers in Sheffield (around 7 miles from Rotherham), it is also disturbing, with 61 deaths due to drug poisoning in 2021.

Considering the statistics, rehabilitation is the prime forte to deal with addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction can make disrupt life. If you’ve witnessed a loved one struggling, don’t hesitate to seek help.

UKAT rehab clinics near Rotherham, South Yorkshire, help people find solace and recover from substance addiction. We design innovative and structured treatment plans to ensure long-term recovery.

Our rehab units near Rotherham are well-equipped to address every individual’s specific detox and rehabilitation requirements.

Why choose Linwood House for drug and alcohol rehab near Rotherham?

UKAT is a leading group of private rehab facilities with clinics throughout the United Kingdom. These include Oasis Bradford, Primrose Lodge, Linwood House, Sanctuary Lodge, Liberty House, Banbury Lodge, Oasis Runcorn and Recovery Lighthouse.

The distance between Linwood House and Rotherham is only around 16 miles. It is a 30-minute drive via M1. So, if you prefer a rehab clinic near Rotherham, some miles away from home, Linwood House makes the best fit.

Linwood House offers personalised detox and rehabilitation programmes for holistic healing and comfortable recovery. The clinic’s secluded location allows individuals to focus on their recovery away from daily distractions and temptations.

Linwood House offers affordable, high-value addiction solutions with an experienced and compassionate team. Our group therapy workshops and aftercare sessions provide our clients with practical advice and help them continue living an addiction-free life.

Have a look at the other features of our clinic:

  • 36 comfortable beds
  • Private bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms
  • Quick admission
  • Spacious entertainment rooms and lounges
  • Picturesque gardens
  • High-quality meals
  • Different therapy rooms
  • Bespoke detox and rehab plans

Video Tour of Linwood House

This 3D video will take you on a virtual tour of Linwood House near Rotherham. Your loved one will love it for sure. It may encourage them to join the rehab near Rotherham.

Pictures of Linwood House

Show these pictures to encourage your loved one dealing with addiction to seek help near Rotherham. Visuals can convey the importance of rehabilitation effectively.

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Treatment options at Linwood House near Rotherham

Linwood House, a home away from home near Rotherham, specialises in detoxification and rehabilitation. We believe the combination of these addiction programmes helps your beloveds achieve their goal – a life free from drug and alcohol addiction.

At Linwood House, your ray of hope near Rotherham, we know addiction is deep and more than physical symptoms. Our approach is woven around treating our clients as the whole person – physically, emotionally, behaviorally and spiritually.

Here is a list of treatments we offer:

  • 12-step therapy
  • Yoga and meditation
  • One-on-one counselling
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

Reviews of Linwood House near Rotherham

Since our conception, we have been helping people deal with various forms of substance addiction and the challenges surrounding it. Let’s find out what our clients think about our services and their experiences at Linwood House near Rotherham.

“Linwood does a great service and helps all manner of people, Great team , Marie my therapist is very approaching and always gives good advice the support workers are a excellent team knowing the ins and outs of addiction” – John

“Linwood House has really given a very good start to my journey, Maggie my therapist was brilliant, Graham always on hand to help, Andy and the medical team were very good.” – Rob

Free support groups in Rotherham

There is a robust network of support groups in Rotherham to help you on your path to abstinence:

Alcoholics Anonymous in Rotherham</h3?

Rotherham Afternoon Step

Carnson House,
1 Moorgate Rd S60 2EN
Time: Sunday, 15:00

Rotherham As Bill Sees It (Hybrid)

Carnson House,
1 Moorgate Rd S60 2EN
Time: Thursday, 19:30

Rotherham Beginners

St Thomas Community Hall, High Street,
Kimberworth S61 2BH
Time: Tuesday, 10:30

Narcotics Anonymous near Rotherham

Barnsley 4 S’s

St Paul’s Church, Barnsley, St Paul’s Road,
Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 2QF
Time: Saturday, 19:00


Alcohol Abuse Service, 44 Sidney Street,
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4RH
Time: Saturday, 11:00

New Mistakes Group

Sheffield Cathedral, Church Street,
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 1HA
Time: Saturday, 11:15

Cocaine Anonymous near Rotherham

A Spiritual Solution

CGL Drug & Alcohol Services
Carnson House
1 Moorgate Rd
Rotherham S60 2EN
Time: Monday, 19:30

Sheffield Hope, Faith and Courage

Victoria Methodist Church
Stafford Rd
Sheffield S2 2SE
Time: Wednesday, 19:30

We Do Recover

Victoria Methodist Church
Stafford Rd
Sheffield S2 2SE
Time: Thursday, 19:00

Travelling to Linwood House from Rotherham

Rotherham is a bustling market town based in the beautiful ceremonial county of South Yorkshire, England. The city derives its name from the Rother River that connects to the River Don. With robust connectivity with the rest of the country, a busy market, picturesque surroundings and diverse hues, Rotherham is a good choice for rehabilitation. Here is how you can reach Linwood House from Rotherham:

By train

The average time to travel from Rotherham to Linwood House, Barnsley, is around 1 hour and 2 minutes (10 miles). The frequency of the trains per day is 62. You can catch the first train at 05:29, while the last train arrives at 00:12.

By road

There are three routes to travel from Rotherham to Linwood House, Barnsley – via B6089, M1 and A61. These cover 12.8 miles, 15.6 miles and 14 miles in 25 minutes, 27 minutes and 27 minutes, respectively. So, you can choose one according to your convenience.

Finding a rehab facility near Rotherham

No journey is difficult when you have a strong support system. Isn’t it? The same stands true for your loved one’s voyage from addiction to an addiction-free life. Be with them. Call us to Get Help Now!