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Rehab in Hatfield

Need for rehab clinics near Hatfield

The Hertfordshire Health and Wellbeing Board reported that according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) between 2018-2020 and the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (OHID) Public Health Profiles (PHOF), the number of deaths from drug abuse in Hertfordshire was 110.

This shows us that rehabilitation facilities in Hatfield, Hertfordshire are urgently required to reduce further deaths.

One of the leading alcohol and drug rehab providers in the United Kingdom, UKAT understands how poignant this path of rehabilitation is. Therefore, they go to great deals in personalising the treatment programme and tailoring it to suit your specific needs.

If you or your loved one needs substance abuse rehabilitation, rehab facilities near Hatfield are the solution. UKAT centres like Linwood House offer facilities and benefits that make them your number-one choice. Read on to know about your options for rehab centres and support groups near Hatfield.

Why should you choose Linwood House for drug and alcohol rehab near Hatfield?

Out of the several UKAT rehab centres, you can access any of our centres like Banbury Lodge, Liberty House, Oasis Runcorn, Recovery Lighthouse, Oasis Bradford, Primrose Lodge and Sanctuary Lodge to help your loved one on your path to recovery.

Linwood House is located in the picturesque and quiet town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire. Located only at a distance of 114.6 miles from Hatfield, Linwood House will take you approximately two hours and 31 minutes to reach by road via the A1. Linwood House treats various forms of addictions and is a safe place to detox. The facilities offered at Linwood House are listed below:

  • Easy accessibility
  • Personal en-suite bedrooms
  • An on-site gym for exercise
  • Spacious gardens for recreational activities
  • Quiet and calm environment
  • Holistic therapy helps you understand and deal with the root of your addictions

The team at Linwood House is trained to ensure that you or your loved one overcome any challenges that you may face on the rehab journey.

Virtual tour of Linwood House

A panoramic view of the facilities at Linwood House can be viewed via the virtual tour video. Do take a look.

Pictures of Linwood House facility

Pictures speak a thousand words. So let these images express the comfort and modern experience that the facilities at Linwood House offer:

Linwood House picture 1

Linwood House picture 2

Linwood House picture 3

Conditions treated at Linwood House

The treatments at Linwood House cover detoxification and rehabilitation to help you or your loved one overcome the challenges of substance abuse. Linwood House treats addictions like alcohol and controlled substances like cannabis, cocaine and heroin.

Apart from substance abuse rehabilitation, you can also seek treatment for behavioural addictions like gaming, smoking, gambling, sex and love addiction and eating disorders among others.
The treatment plans mentioned below are evidence-based, comprehensive and inclusive to help you or your loved one live a substance-free life.

  • The 12-step programme
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Mindfulness-based therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Family recovery programmes
  • Auricular acupuncture
  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Contingency management

what our clients have to say about Linwood House near Hatfield

Keeping abreast of the latest facilities and services, Linwood House ensures that your needs are tended to. Do read what some of our clients have to say.

“I have enjoyed my time at Linwood house the staff and therapists are very helpful. I feel I have got my life back in the short time I have been here.” – Tony

“Very good service all around. Good, well-managed detox programme and group therapy.” – Rich

“Great facility, great staff, great treatment programme. I had a good experience and would recommend this treatment centre to others.” – Greg

Free addiction treatment services Available in Hatfield

Private, residential rehab services near Hatfield may be too costly or inaccessible to everyone. If this includes you, free rehab services and local support groups are available. Let us look at some of the free rehab services available near Hatfield:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) near Hatfield


St Mary’s Church,
26 Salisbury Square,
Old Hatfield,
Postcode: AL9 5JD
Monday at 8:00 pm

Hemel Hempstead Chair

Quaker Meeting House,
1 The Alleys,
St Mary’s Road,
Postcode: HP2 5ZB
Friday at 8:00 pm

St Albans Reflections

St Stephen’s Church Hall,
Watling Street,
Postcode: AL1 2PT
Saturday at 8:00 pm

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) near Hatfield

St Albans Road to Recovery

The Living Room,
156 Hatfield Road,
St Albans,
Thursday from 6:30 pm

Hemel Hempstead Tuesday Night

Apsley Community Centre,
London Road,
Hemel Hempstead,
Tuesday at 7:45 pm

Just For Today

Church Hall,
St. Peters Church,
The Willows,
Monday at 8:15 pm

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) near Hatfield

A Common Solution

CRI Building,
St Martins House,
14 The Common,
Thursday at 8:15 pm

Hertford Steel on Steel Breakfast

Hertford Methodist Church,
Ware Road,
Saturday at 9:00 am

Travelling to Linwood House from Hatfield

Hatfield is a town located in the county of Hertfordshire. Hatfield promises a calm environment which assists you in your healing journey of detoxification and recovery from substance abuse. It is easily accessible and you can choose any of the following routes for your travel from Hatfield to Linwood House.


Located only at a distance of 114.6 miles from Hatfield, it will take you approximately two hours and 31 minutes to reach Linwood House by road via the A1. Other routes are the A1 and the M14 which will take you approximately two hours 35 minutes and two hours 50 minutes respectively.


Eleven trains travel throughout the day from Hatfield to Barnsley which is a distance of 135 miles. The first train leaves Hatfield at 5:19 am and the last train leaves Hatfield at 5:26 pm.

Find a rehabilitation centre near Hatfield

Linwood House ensures that your safety and needs are kept at its helm when planning rehabilitation programmes for you. So get help now!