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Rehab in Wheatley Hills

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rate near Wheatley Hills, Doncaster

Alcohol-related hospitalisations in Doncaster, where Wheatley Hills is located, were the highest in the country in 2022, according to YorkshireLive. The report at the time said that alcohol consumption has risen in Doncaster, and the city has an estimated 4,313 dependent drinkers and more than 3,800 hospitalisations due to alcohol every year.

Per reports, drug-related deaths also rose in Doncaster in 2021. According to the Office for National Statistics, 47 deaths due to drugs were reported in the city in 2021, which was up from 36 recorded in 2020, and the highest since the recording began in 1993. These drug-related deaths have been mainly due to opiates and cocaine.

If you are a resident of Wheatley Hills, you need not worry. The UKAT rehab facility near Wheatley Hills offers excellent personalised addiction treatment and care and helps individuals achieve long-term recovery.

What Makes Linwood House Rehab Centre near Wheatley Hills, Doncaster, the Best Option?

Linwood House is one of the eight UKAT rehabilitation centres spread across the UK. If you are seeking information on addiction treatment for a loved one, do visit the following pages to check out the rest of the UKAT centres:

  • Banbury Lodge
  • Primrose Lodge
  • Sanctuary Lodge
  • Oasis Runcorn
  • Oasis Bradford
  • Recovery Lighthouse
  • Liberty House

Located in the peaceful town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, the Linwood House is a private inpatient treatment facility. A team of experienced medical practitioners and counsellors manages the rehab and provides comprehensive treatment in a safe and secure environment. Under their expert supervision, our clients receive not just medical care, but the motivation to live a better life.

Some notable features of our rehab are:

  • 36 comfortable ensuite bedrooms
  • Spacious lounge area
  • Healthy meals that meet your nutritional requirements
  • 24/7 support and care
  • Recreational activities

Virtual Tour of Linwood House

To help you get a closer look at this alcohol and drug rehab near Wheatley Hills, we have put together this virtual tour of Linwood House.

Pictures of Linwood House Facilities

The state-of-the-art facilities at Linwood House promise the utmost comfort and privacy to our clients throughout their stay at the rehab.

Linwood House picture 4

Linwood House picture 5

Linwood House picture 6

Treatment Options at Linwood House near Wheatley Hills

Our expert medical team at Linwood House near Wheatley Hills has helped heal people with different types of addictions, including alcohol, and substance addiction, namely cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis, heroin, and prescription drug addiction.

We also provide treatment for behavioural addictions, including eating disorders, gaming and internet addiction, sex and love addiction and gambling addiction.

At our drug and alcohol rehab near Wheatley Hills, we offer a wide range of therapies as part of the treatment programme. These are:

  • The 12-step programme
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)
  • Art and music therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Physical health recovery
  • Group and one-to-one counselling
  • Yoga and meditation

What Do Our Clients Say about Linwood House near Wheatley Hills, Doncaster

Linwood House provides a safe and supportive atmosphere and excellent addiction treatment at affordable prices to help you achieve long-term sobriety. Let’s see what our clients have to say about our treatment programmes:

“My time at Linwood House has been completely transformative. I arrived a bumbling, anxious mess and am leaving 24 days later with vastly improved self-esteem and worth. My therapist Maggie has supported me brilliantly along this journey. The other therapists and staff have also been supportive, teaching me new tools to cope with my addictions when I leave. Thank you!”—J.A.

“I have appreciated the support and care I have been given at Linwood House. I was initially apprehensive about what to expect about rehab care, but I have been astounded by some of the care I have received. Sherrie – my therapist – has been an absolute godsend, she’s worked tirelessly with me to regain my self-worth and I know I am leaving Linwood House on the path to a better future for myself/my family.”—J.S.

“Great facility, great staff, great treatment programme. I had a good experience and would recommend this treatment centre to others.”—Greg

Local Addiction Support Groups and Meetings in and around Wheatley Hills, Doncaster

If you find private rehab centres inaccessible or unaffordable, please do not worry. To help you find a network of supporters who understand your challenges and help you stay on track, we bring you a list of free addiction programmes:

AA (Alcoholic Anonymous) meetings in and around Wheatley Hills, Doncaster

Doncaster Step & Tradition

Aspire, 37 – 41 Thorne Rd
Time: 19:30 (Wednesday)

Doncaster Living Sober Hybrid

Sober Social, 18 Priory Place
Time: 18:50 (Monday)

Doncaster Big Book

Unitarian Free Church, 60 Hall Gate
Time: 19:30 (Thursday)

Doncaster Tickhill Steps & Tradition

Tickhill Methodist Chapel, Northgate, Tickhill
DN11 9HY
Time: 19:15 (Tuesday)

NA meetings in and around Wheatley Hills

Aspire Coffee Lounge

37 Thorne Rd, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Time: 18:00 (Sunday)

Round the Campfire

Bentley Urban Farm, High Street
Bentley, Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Time: 19:00 (Wednesday)

CA meetings in and around Wheatley Hills

CA Barnsley Step & Tradition

Emmanuel Church, Huddersfield Rd, Barnsley
S75 1DT
Time: 19:00 (Tuesday)

CA Step 11 Meditation Meeting

Mother of God Church
Abbeydale Rd, Nether Edge, Sheffield,
S7 1FL
Time: 16:30 (Saturday)

Wakefield CA – Addicts Helping Addicts

Gasped, 5-5A Cheapside, Wakefield,
Time: 19:00 (Wednesday)

Travelling to Linwood House from Wheatley Hills

Wheatley Hills is a suburb in Doncaster and has a robust transport system that links it with Doncaster city and neighbouring areas. Here’s how you can travel from Wheatley Hills to Barnsley in South Yorkshire:

By road

The cheapest way to travel from Wheatley Hills to Barnsley is by road. You could hire a taxi or drive down in a private vehicle. The distance is around 16 miles, and it takes approximately 26 minutes to reach Barnsley.

By rail

While there are no direct trains from Wheatley Hills to Barnsley, there are train services from Doncaster to Barnsley and back provided by Northern Railways, CrossCountry, East Midlands Trains and the Grand Central Lines. The distance is around 14 miles and the travel duration is about 58 minutes.

Finding a Rehabilitation Centre near Wheatley Hills

To overcome alcohol and substance addiction, you need professional treatment and sustained help and motivation. If your loved ones are battling addiction, please contact our addiction counsellors for a confidential chat. Get help now!