Our Treatments

Our treatments

Linwood House provide both detox and rehabilitation and we firmly believe that it is a combination of both these treatments that will deliver the best chance for a positive outcome.

Our services are all delivered in a residential environment where people are taken away from the environment that is often contributing to the addiction and given the space and security of a nurturing environment to focus on getting well.

STEP 1 – Detoxification (detox)

The first stage of treatment is to remove any alcohol or drugs from your system. If you are dependent, the sudden stopping of alcohol and drugs can not only be unpleasant it can be medically dangerous.

Linwood House use pharmalogical detox to make the process as relaxed, comfortable and effective as possible.

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STEP 2 – Rehabilitation (rehab)

The best chance of long term abstinence is an intensive period of rehabilitation. At Linwood House this is a residential service with a programme of therapies to get to help you understand your addiction and your triggers. We believe that this gives people the best chance of not relapsing once they return to their everyday life.

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Are you worried that you or a loved one may be suffering from drug addiction and in need of professional, residential support?