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Residential Drug and Alcohol Detox and Rehabilitation Centre

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What to expect

Help for myself

Are you worried that your alcohol or drug taking is out of control and impacting on your life, relationships and work? Perhaps you have manage to be sober or substance free in the past but have suffered a relapse, or just seen your dependence on these substances increase to frightening levels.

Often it can be difficult to admit dependency, thinking you can manage it yourself or going to great lengths to conceal it from those around you. The process of denial is a protective defence mechanism which shields you from the feelings of shame, guilt and self-recrimination but allows the addiction to continue to control your life.

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Do you have an addiction?

If you think you may be addicted to alcohol or drugs, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your alcohol or drug use become more frequent?
  • Are you having to increase the amount you take to get the same effect?
  • Have you tried to cut down or stop but have failed or relapsed quickly?
  • Do you use drugs or alcohol to supress emotions?
  • To you use drugs or alcohols to cope with stressful or difficult situations?
  • Have the people around you commented on your drug or alcohol use?
  • Have to stopped seeing friends or doing hobbies because of drink or drugs?
  • Have you lied to cover up your drug or alcohol consumption?
  • Do you regularly have black outs after drinking or using drugs?
  • Have you had to have time off work due to the effects or your drinking or drug use?
  • Do you feel down or depressed after drinking or drug use?

If you have answered yes to any of these, you may have a problem with alcohol or drugs and would benefit from seeking professional advice and support.

The first step is acknowledging you have a problem, next is realising that this isn’t something you can deal with on your own and that you need external help and support.

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Why residential may work for you?

Although there is help available in a community setting, through your GP and local Drug and Alcohol Service, for some the stress of trying to tackle their addiction whilst carrying on their normal life can prove to be too difficult. The temptation and easy access to drugs or alcohol make recovery more challenging.

Residential detox and rehabilitation offers an alternative –

  • A safe and secure environment where you are shielded from external pressures and can concentrate on your recovery
  • Medically trained staff on hand 24 / 7 to make detox as stress-free as possible
  • Supported by your peers – addiction is very isolating and going through the recovery process with others with the same experiences as yourself can be a great comfort
  • There is no judgement about your past behaviour or addiction – everyone is in the same boat
  • Rehabilitation gives you the opportunity to look at what are the causes and triggers for your addiction and give you the self-awareness and tools to stay sober and drug free once you return to your life
  • Intensive therapy – daily therapy sessions provide you with a far more intensive and varied period of therapy than could be achieved in the community.

What to expect at Linwood?

Linwood House provides residential medical detoxification for alcohol and all forms of drug use.

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Detox is only the first stage, however and we also provide residential rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can be an immediate follow on from detox, or if you do not need detox, you can just enter our rehabilitation programme

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Once you leave Linwood House, we offer an aftercare service to continue supporting you on your road to recovery

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Read our FAQ pages for more information on Linwood House and the services we provide

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Linwood House has provided this support since 2006, if you would like to talk to us about how we could help you, call us on 03301 736 751 for a confidential discussion

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Services we offer

Alcohol Detox

Pharmalogical detox under medical supervision in a residential environment.


Alcohol Rehab

A range of therapies giving you the tools to stay sober, clean and live a full life


Drug Detox

Pharmalogical detox under medical supervision in a residential environment.


Drug Rehab

A range of therapies giving you the tools to stay drug free, clean and live a full life


Treatments we offer

Cannabis Addiction

We're here to treat cannabis addiction.


Cocaine Addiction

We deal with all levels of cocaine addiction.


Heroin Addiction

We offer compassionate heroin addiction treatment.


Linwood House

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